Sunday, April 5, 2009


After Cookin' for our Kids yesterday we went and played tennis. If you want to call it tennis. We have rackets and balls and play on a tennis court, but we don't use the lines. And it feels more like running track then playing tennis.

We play at Palomino Park in one of the subdivisions here. It's a great place to play and it's never crowded. Apparently the rest of Central hasn't figured out how fun "tennis" is. There's a little pond and it's just a pretty place to be.

So yesterday, when we first got to the court, the girls all decided they needed to run down the road to Sarah's Grandma's house. By the way, they don't call them Grandma's here...they call them Maw Maw. And I can't say it. But that's a whole other post.

While they were gone D and I played tennis and waited and waited and sat by the pond and waited. It was windy. And we had to take this picture ourselves since all the girls were down the street using the facilities :)

Finally they came back and played some "tennis".

You'd think girls looking this good with rackets in their hands might be able to play...but sadly, no. They can't. It sure is fun trying though.
Maybe someday I'll post the pictures that aren't closeups and you can really get an idea of how they/we play.

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