Saturday, October 3, 2009


Gas. It's a beautiful sight. I've been dreaming of this day forever and Duane made it come true for me. Duane and my Gramma and friends at UTi and my bonus from work. Eventually I'll post a picture of the entire stove, but for now I'll be giving you tiny glimpses of it. Because what Blaire and I did with this wonderful appliance is really the bright spot that should be focused on.

First, you should go take a peek at what kind of cupcakes our decrepit old stove used to churn out. You can view one of them here.

I didn't know that Duane was going to have the stove completely in today and therefore did not do any meal planning to prepare for it. We pulled the old stove out a week ago, so I haven't been able to do any cooking since then.

Blaire and I decided to make yummy rainbow cupcakes after I showed her the ones I found on Our Best Bites. But we didn't have any cake mixes, so we pulled out the cute cupcake book I bought and never used.

The texture was so far from what we're used to with the boxed mixes. It was thick and sticky. Not the easiest to get off of the spoon and into the cupcake papers.

Much easier to just lick it off.

Look at that beautiful oven! Sparkly clean. And that rack that is pulled out... it slides out like that when the door is opened!

With the old stove you couldn't peek into the oven without opening the door. This picture was actually taken with the door closed!! I'm in love!!!

So is everyone else. We stayed in the kitchen the whole time the cupcakes were cooking.

It was like watching something we've never seen before.

I have never seen anything so beautiful come out of the old oven. Would you just look at those perfect cupcakes?

The colors!! We used Wilton's gel coloring in the batter and then layered each color into the paper wrapper.

To me, there are no words to describe these next three pictures.

And Blaire told me that since we made cupcakes....we didn't have to make dinner :)

I'm thinking I best get some sort of yummy meat and potatoes cooking tomorrow though. Especially after Duane installed a gas line, tiled floor and called in lots of favors, just to make me the happiest girl in the world.

Thank you Boo! I love you :)