Monday, April 6, 2009

Beans Beans Beans

On Friday night I made a big pot of pinto beans and some cornbread for dinner. Might I add.... my first pot of beans ever! The recipe (yes, I have to follow a recipe to make beans!) said it would only take 2 hours. Well.. 4.5 hours later we were finally eating. And they were ok. Yeah, just ok. You'd think after 4 hours of simmering they'd be fantastic. Or the fact that it was now 10pm and we were starving that they would be the most delicious beans ever. Nah. They were just ok.

On Saturday though, those beans were transformed. Yeah baby! Transformed into refried beans for tostados. And those beans were good! Better than good! Not only had I made my first pot of beans ever, but I also made my own refried beans. Did I mention that they were good? Yummy! See the picture over there for my yummy beans. They were so yummy that all 4 kids had seconds!!

I must add that my stove is not good and I'll wait to tell you about that another day. I think that's why the Friday night beans didn't work out as intended. I got the recipe from Pioneer Woman, and she hasn't failed me yet, which is why I believe that it comes down to my stove. And by the way, if you haven't had the pleasure of finding Pioneer Woman's blog yet I suggest you run, not walk, right over and start catching up with life on the ranch.


  1. You should get Dad's recipe for beans! They are yummy!

  2. g'ma was surprised to learn your beans didn't come out of a package!

  3. I was just as surprised to learn that I could make refried beans that didn't come out of a can :)


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