Tuesday, April 28, 2009

This Is One Smart Kid!!

Last night was Awards Night at Brianna's school. She's in 10th grade this year and doing fantastic! So wonderfully fantastic that she received two awards last night :)

The teachers choose 1 student from each course to receive an award and Bri's teacher chose her to receive the award for Introduction to BCA. It's a computer class and I can say from first hand experience that Brianna excels on the computer! She even teaches me things and I'd like to think I'm pretty computer savvy. Yep, she's smart. And a good person. And beautiful. And taller than me. She's a lot of good things! except the taller than me part, that's not so good. But the award isn't just for how well she does on a computer, it's also for her attitude and other good stuff! I'll let you hear for yourself:

(please excuse my filming skills LOL I always seem to want to film longwise, but forget that you can't rotate video!! At least I remembered that before the filming stopped this time...we have lots of videos you have to watch sideways!)

She also received an award for her grade point average. The awards aren't just given for keeping your GPA at a certain level for the current year. It's ongoing for your entire high school career. So if her grade point average fell below a certain level she wouldn't be eligible for this award anymore. They gave out awards for GPA's between 3.5 to 3.99 and they gave out awards for over 4.0.

Bri's grade point average.... 4.1429 :)

And Sarah, the BFF, also got an award for 4.0 and above! Here they are after the ceremony:

We couldn't be prouder of them!!


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