Saturday, April 4, 2009

Cookin' for our Kids

Just got home from the annual Cookin' for our Kids festival! Raising money to help area schools.
Ate lots of good food and saw some cool, old cars like these ones:

It appears I was fond of the orange ones!

The girls were dressed in their finest Cookin' for the Kids t-shirts:

Blaire and Brenna
(one of her many BFF's).
Blaire made sure to tell me
that Brenna was taller than me
before she came over.

and here is Bri
before she had to start working the festival.
And by working I don't mean being a social butterfly
and visiting with all her friends...
I mean handing out flyers
and actually working lol

Oh and Sarah (Bri's best friend) made Kittens!
Nooo...she didn't make real kittens! She made the dance team at Central High :) They're called the Kittens. When I first heard she made kittens I thought she meant her cat had kittens and I asked for one LOL.

She thinks I'm a dork.

Here she is performing for the first time.

Go Sarah!!

Here's to hoping lots of money was raised :)

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