Friday, April 10, 2009

My New Kitchen!!!

We've been talking a bit about remodeling the kitchen. Currently we have yellow formica counters and brown country cabinets. It's all old. Very old.

So we bought this Home and Gardens program where we could design our new kitchen using our actual measurements from our kitchen. We played with that program for days... measuring walls and placing cabinets and appliances. We ended up with an exact replica of our kitchen in 3D on the computer.

We talked about tearing out the cabinets over the bar to open up the space and then even started talking about tearing out the bar and putting an island in instead. Granite countertops. And a new gas stove! Our stove right now has decided that it doesn't want to heat to anything over 350. Takes forever to cook things. And it's electric. I grew up with a gas stove and there isn't anything better than turning off the burner and the heat is gone. Or when you have an earthquake and you can still make coffee on the stove!

There is paneling in the living room and the living room shares a wall with the kitchen, so there is wood paneling in the kitchen too. We were going to tear out all the paneling, sheetrock the walls and paint them and also remove the popcorn from the ceiling throughout the whole house.

We had big dreams!

And then Duane's truck started falling apart.

Here's my new kitchen:


  1. stainless steel is in these days...and black countertops. this 'new kitchen' can take you out to more cooking! momma

  2. haha omgah yall are hilarious! its a pretty truck!!!!!!!

  3. It is a nice truck, even though it's a Dodge. (just kidding Duane!) And I agree with you on the gas/electric stove. I'd prefer to have gas, but we have an electric. And it will come in handy when you have an earthquake! xoxo lizard

  4. OMG..your husband ows you big time. I would have had to tell him he needs to walk because mama needs a new kitchen!!! LOL
    Thanks for your visit to my blog and you nice comment on my Sleeping Beeauty Birthday cake..stop back by anytime!

  5. How Funny! We remodeled several years ago...thank heavens we didn't need to buy a vehicle! Nice blog!


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