Monday, April 27, 2009

I love Space!

About a year ago we put these shelves up in our pantry.
Before the shelves we were mainly using the cupboards in the
kitchen and 2 small bookcases in the pantry for storage.
Everything used to be stacked on top of every thing else.
It was pretty crowded.
It still is, but much more organized...
when I decide to stay organized :)
On the other side of the pantry was a bookcase that had some appliances and some old cat food bowls and some rags
and an old rug and some dust.
Ok, lots of dust.
I kept my stock pot and my dutch oven on the kitchen counter
and my mixer on the floor in the pantry!
It made no sense!
So this weekend we went back to Home Depot
and bought more shelfing
and brackets to build more shelves!! Yay!
And this is what it looks like now :)

This side looks so neat!

I suppose it's time for me to re-organize the food side again lol.


  1. Makes you want to mix up some paint doesn't it!

  2. Sure does! I'll meet you in the carport, Otis!


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