Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cake on a Stick

Blaire and I made cakepops this weekend!

I found the recipe on
Bakerella's blog...along with lots of other yummy things. They are pretty simple to make, but much quicker and a whole lot funner when you have a partner.

We made a total of 58 and ended up freezing about 40 of them before we dipped them in the candy melts and sprinkled them. It worked out so well that way. We didn't get tired of dipping them and melting more melts and dipping more and melting. And dipping. And melting. And sprinkling :)

Throughout the week I've ended up finishing all of them and taking them to work to share.

They're yummy and you should make some!

Or make a lot :)


  1. They look awesome! This is so funny, cuz Roomie Shauna and I were talking about making them this weekend!

    Love, your sister :)

    P.S. Bakerella states in her post that you need to freeze 'em before you dip 'em, hehehe

  2. P.P.S. what kind of cake mix did you use? and what flavor of frosting?

  3. Yep, we freeze them a lot... we freeze them after we shape them into balls for 15 minutes and then we freeze them again after we stick the sticks in. Then you have to freeze them again at some point otherwise the cake ball will fall off the stick into your candy melts. Lots of freezing going on. I've had some in the freezer for almost a week and just coated them tonight.

    I used Devils Food cake and the first time I made them I used cream cheese frosting and the 2nd time I made them I used white chocolate almond frosting. Whatever I thought sounded good when I was at the store lol.

  4. I wish I worked with you!!!


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