Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I've been chasing dragonflies around my yard
for days trying to get a picture.

They've all been small, green and fast.

Tonight I went outside and found this beauty!

And he/she liked me hovering, because he/she never moved!

This first picture is straight out of the camera.

The second one I played with the contrast.

And 3, 4 and 5 got contrast and color.

I sure wish I had photoshop!

And because you can't see his/her big baby blues
in the other pictures...


  1. Did you get that action off of Coffeeshop? I downloaded it but can't get it to load to my Photoshop Elements 7. Some of the actions I download will load up properly, others just are a pain in the butt

  2. I don't have photoshop :( no form of it whatsoever. I just used "fix" in windows photo gallery. But now that I know that YOU have elements I know who to go to when I do finally get it :))

  3. I WISH I COULD! But I borrowed it off my brother in law to download it lol :( Im sorry! But its less than 100 bucks so I will prob get it for myself eventually we take our computers in once a year to be cleaned up and i always have to reinstall my programs. I would LOVE to have the real photoshop but dang they are EXPENSIVE!

  4. goodness gracious is your dragonfly gorgeous! can i print him/her? M

  5. testing your instructions! duh...i just noticed them! p.s. i like my name in lights!


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