Sunday, June 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Gramma!

Today is my Gramma's Birthday!
And boy do I wish I could be with her
celebrating like we always used to.

Our birthdays are 5 days apart
and we would celebrate our special days together.
But now I live in Louisiana and she lives in California
and she is going to have to settle for me
splashing her picture all over the blogosphere
for everyone (that means all 5 of you that read this) to see.

This is Gramma Violet and my Mom, way back when.

Don't ask me when though, because I don't know.
Mom will know though. Look at that pretty little bow
on Gramma's pretty suit. I wonder what color those outfits were?

And look at Gramma here. She is the one standing
behind my Grampa. I love this picture because of the
way that my Grampa Duane (yep, my Grampa's name is
Duane and I'm marrying a Duane!) is kneeling.
I'll forever remember him kneeling like this,
whether it was to get the fire going in the fireplace
or if it was to help us cut the ribbons on Christmas presents
with the knife he used to always have in his pocket.
I sure do miss my Grampa.

While looking for pictures for this blog I found this
Mother's Day card that my sister and I sent to
Gramma Vi back in 1975!

I like #5 where we said we liked her red hair.
Gramma colored her hair red and drove a red Camero!
She is one hip Gramma!

I'm glad it's not in writing that I asked
my Gramma for her music boxes when she died.
I sure would hate for you all to know what an uncaring child I was.
But it was completely said with love
and I knew that I was going to be at least 72
before I ever got those music boxes in my hot little hands.

Here is all of us in front of Gramma's Camero, along with the dog Cleo
(or Mindy, but I'm pretty sure Cleo. They looked an awful lot alike).
See Gramma's red hair?

Ahh.. a better shot of the hotrod!
You'll have to excuse the quality of the pictures,
and the thumb, as I don't have a scanner
and had to take pictures of the pictures!

Here is Gramma and I during one of our birthday excursions.
That year we went to the San Francisco Zoo, obviously.
The year was 2001 and Gramma fed the goats.

And sat on a turtle.
(a fake turtle)

I love you Gramma
and hope you have a wonderful day today!!!
Happy Birthday.

Love, Stephanie


  1. This one made me cry...lots. I miss Gma Vi, Momma and you so very much! The picture of the two of us in front of the grumpy face...I sat on a snail! So many memories!

    Happy Early Birthday to you, Otis!

    Happy Birthday to Gramma!!

    I love you both more than the amount of fuschia plants that Buffa had on the back patio!!!

  2. i printed this and will take to g'ma this afternoon before we meet auntie diane and lori for dinner. wish you and lizzie were here.

  3. Lizzie... I thought you sat on the snail when we took the picture with our lunchboxes?

    Momma... I'm so glad that you printed it for her! So where did you end up going for dinner? Gramma told me about the highlight of lunch...the man in his speedo walking through the Castro!

  4. Oh, man, oh, man! You did spend a lot of time on my site! Good grief, I hope it's not because you are on bed rest or something else awful and have nothing better to do with your time. (:

    About this post, by the way, it is good to see how much you love your Grandma. I think we don't listen to our grandparents enough in our society. My favorite was the letter--that you still have all these years later. I'm always afraid that I will throw out something my children will cherish.

    Happy Birthday!

  5. I heart Vi soooo much! I feel so lucky that have you all in my life!

  6. I love your memories!!


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