Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Little Peek

We've been back from our vacation for 24 hours now and I was really hoping to have at least one post done, but I've been doing all day chore after a week of vacation. We rented a cabin that had a washer and dryer, but the dryer would only dry a few things at a time so we came home with tons of dirty clothes. I also ran out of space on my laptop after the first day and couldn't empty the memory cards from the camera and get the pictures ready for blogging.

So today was full of laundry and swimming (I missed our pool) and downloading like 2000 pictures. I'll leave you with a few pictures to wet your appetite for more...

Our cabin:

Our front porch tenants:

Lunch in Gatlinburg:

The little creek behind our cabin:


Wonderworks in Pigeon Forge:

Old MacDonalds Putt Putt:

The Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga:

Had a blast, but it's nice to be home :) The cats missed us.
Mrs. Bauer


  1. I am so in love with that cabin! It looks so quaint and quiet :) I love Gatlinburn, TN we have already been there about 4 or 5 times since we've beend married. Always so much fun!

  2. welcome home mrs bauer..xo the new mother-in-law

  3. More! We want more photos and words!! More!


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