Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Book.

For Father's Day the girls and I put together a photobook for Duane. Some of the pictures he had seen before, but some of them he hadn't. We snuck out to the park and to their schools and even to his work. It was a Saturday, the one when we had gone to the mall. While we were at his work taking pictures we locked the keys in the car. Out in the middle of nowhere, keys and phones on the front seats. We certainly couldn't call Duane and tell him where we were. That would have compromised the mission!

Luckily the security guard came out to tell us that we couldn't take pictures. He reluctantly (!) let us use the phone to call the locksmith.

Anyways, here's the book...

He got teary and so did Bri. It was a sweet moment. And we've been catching him looking at it all day. I bet it comes with us on vacation :)


  1. oh my gosh stephanie i LOVE IT!!!! WHere did you have that made at???? I seriously got chills lol

  2. k i came back to look at it again ha! And tell those girls to quit growing up!! They are so beautiful aren't they!? It's been too long since I've see all of you. I hope yall have a great time this week and I can not wait to see pictures of yall's special day!!

  3. thanks!!! We got it made at Shutterfly, but you can also do them at Snapfish and other places. I can't stop them from growing!!! I wish I could, but they don't listen!! It's all about being taller than Stephanie and Bri passed that a long time ago and Blaire doesn't have far to go lol.

  4. Steph that is an awesome book! GOOD Job!!!!

  5. You are such a thoughtful and creative person! I am ..... wowed!!


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