Monday, June 1, 2009

Oh My Goodness

Today, before I left work,
I called Duane and asked him what he wanted for dinner.

He's a meat and potatoes guy
and I thought for sure he would say that
he wanted the meatloaf I said I would make on Sunday..and didn't.

He was a big help and told me that
he didn't know what he wanted.

So I went to my go-to gal in this situation.
Somewhere that I know I can find something yummy,
and easy, due to the step by step photo instructions.
Pioneer Woman.

I found a Veggie and Cheese Bagel Sandwich.
I knew I'd meet some resistance back at home.
A bagel with veggies?
And no potatoes?
No pot roast?
So I compromised and got him some ham for his.

Sure enough, I got home and we were unloading
the groceries and he said "you sure got a lot of vegetables".
Yep, and you're going to eat them Mister!

Lots of comments later about vegetables and bagels
and how he was going to being hungry after dinner
He took his first bite and was sold.
He even asked for seconds.
And wanted to take more for his lunch tomorrow.


  1. Those look so YUMMY! I will take one to go, too, tell Duane he has to share. I'll have to make these the next time I stay out at Dad's place, cuz no one at my abode would eat them.

  2. did you get the links to work? I guess I'm just blog-iliterat, cuz I can't seem to follow the instructions...Otis, give me some pointers pleeeeze!!!!

  3. If you highlight the word that you want to make a link and then click on the little icon that looks like a little chain link on a globe you can paste the actual link there.

    It's to the left of the Align Left icon.

    :) Happy linking!

  4. That looks so good!! My whole fam are meat and potatoes people, except the yongest of course. Maybe I will make ME this for lunch one day!


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