Sunday, March 28, 2010

We All Scream For Ice Cream!

It was a beautiful Monday afternoon. The girls had come back home and Sarah was visiting. That's always a fun time! Then Bri realized she didn't have her History book and so she took Sarah with her and drove back over to her Mom's house to get it. But it wasn't there.

And stopped at Sonic on the way. But didn't bring back anything for anybody else!

Thankfully the familiar sound of the Ice Cream Truck grew closer to our house and Blaire came running out of her room asking for dollars. I had 2 in my car and Duane had 1 in his truck, so out to the street the girls ran with their 3 dollars. With Duane and I screaming after them "creamsicle" "fudgesicle".

Except the Ice Cream Man has apparently raised his prices in the many years it's been since I ran out to his truck on the street. So Sarah came back to scrounge for more dough and I grabbed a bunch of quarters from the change jar for her.

The trip out to the curb was eventually successful and the girls came back smiling!

I think the novelty of a musical truck roaming the neighborhood is what makes one crave an ice cream bar from the side of the road though. Because we had Great Divide bars in the fridge and they are way better than the ice cream that comes off that truck! And my creamsicle.... It's still in the freezer. Two weeks later!

And that History book Bri had to go get? It was in her car the whole time.

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  1. don't suppose you remember that i had you and liz convinced it was the 'music man' who drove his truck thru our neighborhood each afternoon....and then barbie gaudinier spilled the beans that he had ice cream on board.


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