Friday, April 2, 2010

Belles and Beaux

March 24, 2010. The search was on for the Belle of Central High.

Each class votes on a set amount of girls from their entire class and the top girls chosen get to participate in the Belles et Beaux pageant.

The Junior class had 15 girls to choose.

And Bri was one of them!

And so was Sarah!

All of the girls looked so pretty, but I'm particularly partial to these two. They were absolutely stunning.

And Sarah cleans up pretty good!

I seriously can't imagine why she didn't win!

In addition to the finding the Belle, they are also looking for the Beaux of Central High.
There are 12 boys, so each one escorts 4 girls. Dream come true! This was Bri's beaux escort, Bert.

And this is the real Beaux. Justin. Very, very nice. And we like him. A lot! We can't wait for him to stop taking all these trips around the country and come hang out with us :)

Bri got a good luck kiss and some lipstick on her cheek from Mom before taking the stage.

Here she comes... Miss Bri! She strutted her stuff across that big stage. Didn't trip or anything!
We were so proud of her and so happy that she got to participate in this.

While each girl was walking the stage the announcer would say a little something about each girl. They said Bri hoped to become a Monumental Nurse. Errr... Neonatal Nurse!

These were the beauxs.

And they were so entertaining! We got a lot of laughs at their expense.

And here is Jo'lea, Miss Belle of Central High. Beautiful! Congratulations!

The girls had a blast and there is always next year to win the crown. Or Miss Congeniality. But even if they don't win, we still love them. And we can always have our own pageant.

Bri can be Miss Karaoke.

And Sarah can be Miss Wimbledon.

Disclaimer: You'll have to excuse the bad photography. The lighting was awful and I haven't quite gotten the hang of working around it!

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  1. miss karaoke and miss wimbledon have my vote!


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