Sunday, March 14, 2010

Plant Kitties

Duane leaves for work everyday and I think he goes to work at a chemical plant. I think this because that's what he tells me. I've even been out there and have seen these big tanks that makes it look like a chemical plant. I've also been out there on two separate occasions and have come home with a kitten each time. I think my husband works at a cat farm.

Duane is working this weekend and he called me up wanting to go golfing with the guys after work. Except that he had taken his clubs out of his truck before leaving in the morning. Me, being the great wife that I am, offered to drive out there and bring him his gear.

Walking into the warehouse, I was greeted by two, very skittish, cats. They were adorable, but wouldn't let me near them.

I followed them around the warehouse, up and down those aisles. What a great place for a cat to live! Lots of places to hide, climb, sleep. Apparently these two are inseparable. And they are identical except one is orange and one is not.

Some time back, all the cats, and there are several, were caught in traps and taken to the pound to be spayed and neutered. They were then brought back to their home on the farm...errr, chemical plant. They also clipped one ear on each of the cats they fixed, so it's known which ones still need to be taken in. And they did it for free.

There is also a black cat that I didn't see. She's the one that I really wanted to visit though, because she is the one that would let me pet her. She must have been off sleeping somewhere. Or chasing mice. I've been told that she's the most tame of them all. But it wasn't meant to be yesterday. Maybe next time.

Mr. Wayne, another worker out at the cat farm, takes care of them. He was the one that transported the kitties to be fixed. He is also the one that feeds them. And he even comes out on the weekends to make sure that they have food. Which means, while they run from everyone else, they don't run from him. And they use the golf cart that he uses to get around the plant, for their afternoon nap.

I sure am glad that someone loves those cats. And maybe next time I'll bring some catnip with me. And some jingle bell balls. For sure that will get those kitties to love me too.

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  1. have you ever met a kitty you didn't like? well, i guess amanda might make that list. momma


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