Sunday, March 7, 2010


Do you remember Wilson on Home Improvement?
He was Tim's go to guy whenever he had a problem...which was always.
Anyway, Wilson's full face was never shown during the 8 years of the show, except on the finale.

And Bri continues that concept...

Here are a few pictures of Bri at Christmas... 2009.
See... 2009 that was just 3 months ago, so I'm not THAT far behind!!

A nice picture of Bri with her new jammies.
Blaire is the monkey girl in the family, but these colors just shouted Bri's name to me.
And they make me smile every time I do laundry now :)

Oh look...eyebrows!

And we have an ear!

And a forehead.

And eyes!!

So that's pretty much the extent of Brianna, Christmas 2009.
Hope you enjoyed her lovely face :)


  1. Well, I enjoyed seeing parts of her beautiful face! But where was Bri's nose? I didn't see a nose!

  2. I bet her grandpa stole it off her face!!

  3. hahaa, they don't have grandpas here. They call them Paw Paws lol. But he might have done it!


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