Sunday, July 19, 2009

My First Fancy Cake

We've found a new show that we love to watch! It's Ace of Cakes and it's on the Food Network. It's all about the awesome cakes that the fantastically talented team at Charm City Cakes create.

I'm sort of a creative person and figured that I could make a cool cake too! Probably not as cool as their cakes, but something somewhat cool. So I started picking up supplies this week and with the thought that I wouldn't have to make the whole cake all at once, I started.

On Tuesday all I did was make a 6 inch and an 8 inch Devils Food cake. Wednesday all I made was a 6 inch and an 8 inch Golden Butter flavored cake. Wouldn't want to wear myself out early in the process!

I should mention that since this was a practice cake I didn't have any intention of eating it or feeding it to anyone, so I could take as long as I wanted.

I think I frosted the the 6 inch cakes on Thursday and the 8 inch Cakes on Friday with a little bit of buttercream frosting. Again...didn't want to wear myself out. And I also had no clue yet about what my design would be.

On Saturday I actually got the fondant out! I used gel colors and made the white fondant, and also my hands, pink and covered the two 6 inch layers. With my hands already pink I didn't want to add another color to their prettiness, so I went with plain white fondant for the 8 inch layers. It was a whole lot easier than I thought it would be.

Finally on Sunday I decorated it with cute little flowers. I had envisioned cute circles and stripes and lots of colors, but this is what I ended up with.

And I was pretty proud of my pretty little cake.

Can't wait to see what I end up with next time.

And maybe people will even get to eat it!

What did you do this week that was adventurous?


  1. That is so pretty and you are so talented! How was it working with the fondant?!?!

  2. It was pretty easy working with the fondant. I had a fondant mat to roll it out on and just had to make sure I kept putting powdered sugar on it because the fondant would stick to the mat as I was rolling it with the rolling pin if I forgot. Had to keep putting it in the microwave for 13 seconds because it hardens and gets crumbly pretty quickly. The mat has measured circles all over it so you know how big of a circle you need to cover the cake and I also got a magazine that shows how much fondant you need for the size of cake you're making.

    Took a while to get it colored, but if you knead the color into small pieces at a time it's easier.

    Takes just a dab of water on the pieces to make it stick and it dries quick! I watched some videos on You Tube to figure out how to do it.

  3. Jessica's been using fondant, too.

  4. looks way too pretty to eat!!!

    Pam :)

  5. i think you've found your next career!

  6. Wow!!!! It is gorgous! I can't believe it is your first try!!! I heart Ace of Cakes! My mommy is going to their shop at the end of August!!!! She is going to get to decorate a cake with them! I am soooo jealous!

  7. OMG! Are you serious? You made that cake? Holy cow, that is so amazing!!! Put my birthday on your calendar for next year.......... LOL!

  8. Your cake is fabulous! It's beautiful! What more can I say? You should teach classes.

    I just finished a fondant class last Thursday and blogged about it today. If you don't mind making the fondant yourself, want one that's a little less pricey and tastes better than store-bought, try this recipe for Marshmallow Fondant:

  9. You all are so sweet!!

    And Cole??? Your mom is going to go make a cake with Duff and the gang??


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