Sunday, July 12, 2009

Happy Sweet 16 Brianna!

Today is Bri's 16th Birthday!! If she was in town I would have made this cake for her. But she's in Gulf Shores on vacation. I suppose that's a good thing since I don't think I could make this cake!!

Bri was 11 years old when I met her, less than 2 weeks shy of 12. This is what she looked like. And those hand gestures...typical Bri. Still. She probably couldn't talk if we tied her hands behind her back :)

13 years old! This was when she made oatmeal lace cookies. And used red food coloring, instead of vanilla extract. And couldn't figure out why her cookies were red. She is soooo dingy. One of the many reasons we love her.

When Bri turned 14 Rachel brought her birthday cake! Rachel is the girls stepsister. She gets to hang with them during the weeks that we don't. I wonder if Rachel gets to be my Step Step Daughter now? That would be awesome, because we love Rachel! And not just because she makes cake :)

And here she is when she was turning 15. And when her dad really started not wanting her to leave the house. Ever.

And finally, 3 weeks before turning 16. Sometimes I wish we could just work some magic and keep her like this forever. Growing up way to fast. But we couldn't be prouder of her. She's bright and funny and sweet and beautiful. And we love her. Very much!

On this day we wish you all the wonders in the world. All the happiness in your eyes. All the stars in the sky. On this day may each moment be like a wonderful dream. On this day believe in your wishes. As we all wish you the very best in life. Happy 16th Birthday Brianna!

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