Saturday, July 25, 2009

More Fondant Fun!

So, when Blaire saw my fondant cake she wanted to make her own. This book I bought has so many great things that we can make with fondant and other sweet stuff and she's a pretty talented kid. I knew she could do something creative.

Instead of cake though, we made cupcakes. Severely deformed cupcakes. This cupcake is a product of my ancient oven. The one that is in need of replacement. BAD.

Duane's sister Penny came down to visit and we enlisted her talents too!

Blaire worked diligently on her cupcakes and churned out some really cute ones.

These are just some of the adorable little cupcakes they both made!

Blaire was the adventurous one and actually ate one of the cupcakes. I still haven't actually eaten anything with fondant on it, although I have nibbled a bit to see what it tastes like. Her verdict was, after lots of chewing, that fondant is.... chewy! But good.

I only decorated one cupcake. Some of Bri's friends think she looks like Nemo, so I made her a Nemo cupcake. It was time consuming and when you look close it looks like it was my first time making shapes, but I loved it! And Bri liked it too!

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  1. Awwww i wanna make one!! Those are really cute. Looks like Penny was having a good time :) She needed to make some cakes just for fun! I told Rusty we need to get our tails down there soon I think we would have a lot of fun!


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