Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes

This book has always been a favorite of mine.

It's got so much truth to it.

The box part anyway.

Sure, I've never personally seen a cat that plays the violin.

Or one that flew an aeroplane.

But I've definitely never seen a cat pass up a box.

Especially this cat.

Oops! "Not very well hidden are you, Vinnie."

And I wasn't the only one that found him.

And then there are cats that just don't get it.

He's always been a little slow.
But he sure looks comfy.
The end.


  1. haha i was wondering where you were going with this, too funny, cats w personality :)

  2. you are so good at this, and pics to document everything. Awesoem and super cute kitties

  3. Awe, I remember Momma reading this to us! Now I'm going to order myself a copy and put it on the shelf next to my copy of Where the Wild Things Are!

    P.S. Our cats are all box cats, too!

  4. wow. i just got finished taking pictures of my cat in my laptop box. haha :)

  5. Yep, these cats have personality :) Vinnie has taken to sleeping under our bed and when I stick my toes under there he pulls himself out so just his head is stick out looking up at me. Reminds me of one of those auto mechanics on one of those rolling things under a car. Guess you'd have to see it lol..maybe I should take a picture!

    Lizzy - can't believe you don't have that book already! I must have the original :)

    lol Rachel.. you have a box kitty too!! and congrats on your laptop :)


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