Thursday, May 14, 2009

Over the River and Through the Woods...

When I was younger and we would take the trip
over the mountain to Gramma's house
I would always see the most wonderful flowers
planted on the side of the highway.
They were agapanthus and they were my favorite!
Now that I don't live in California anymore,
and don't travel on 280 anymore,
I don't see those beautiful flowers.
So we went and bought some a couple weekends ago!
They still aren't in the ground, but they're aching to be.
And they'll get there. And be happy.
But not as happy as me!


  1. I wonder if they grow here, not sure.

  2. From what I just read it seems that they will grow in Nevada. Do you have any areas that get part shade? Seems they'll want lots of water in the warm months, but once they settle in (could be several seasons) they tend to get sturdier and require less care. I say go for it and see what you can do :)

  3. I've seen them in a couple of yards here. And always think of you when I do!

  4. snails like them, too!


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