Friday, May 29, 2009

PW's Yummy Apple Tarts

I made 'em tonight.

And she's right. They're yummy.

She was also right about the oozing part,
so I suggest that you put foil under the tarts
while they're in the oven.

And while you're at it
turn the sides of the foil up
so you've got your tarts in a little tart boat.

Because if you cook anything like I cook,
you're going to end up with a dripping, oozing,
smoking, smelly mess in the bottom of your stove.

But they we're still yummy.
Better than yummy with a glass of milk.

And I'm absolutely sure that if you had vanilla
ice cream dished up on the side of that apple tart,
They'd be at their yummiest!

We didn't have ice cream.
We gave it up.
That's why we were cooking apple tarts.
It's got fruit ya know.



  1. hi! i saw your comment on PW today and that you are from Baton Rouge.
    im from Slidell! what a small world, huh?
    anyways, i am going to start following your blog.

    its cute! and i love my fellow louisianians.


  2. im made those the other day too! i made a few like that...but then i made little turnoves. i thought they came out better. and i added cinnamon and allspice to the 2nd batch. so good!


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