Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Memorable Memorial Day

We had company this weekend!

Duane's nephew Christopher came to visit
and he brought his LOVELY girlfriend Tammy
and her DELIGHTFUL son Caleb.

They had gone to the aquarium in New Orleans
on Memorial Day and stopped by
to visit us on their way back home.

Christopher loves picking on the girls
and they scream and pout and act like they don't like it...
even though you know they do.

This little guy can't hide his excitement though.

He was at his happiest when Chris threw him around the pool.

He did a cannonball,
and me being the camera happy person that I am,
asked him to do another so I could get a picture.
And another. and another.

Apparently I need to time it better next time,
because this is the only picture I kept getting:

I was much more successful when he was stationary.
Or at least when part of him was.

We have about 9 balls that we play with in the pool
and they usually make their way outside the pool.

On this day they were ALWAYS outside of the pool!
Putting them back in was a full time job and Duane
eventually gave up enjoying being in the pool
to stay outside of the pool and throw the balls back in.

We play volleyball with them and we stand on them
and try to see who can stand the longest without falling over.
Oh...and we hit one another with them.
Lucky for us they went half flat over the winter.

Splashing is a big part of pool life here at our house.
If you don't want to get splashed, don't go near the pool.
It's my least favorite thing about the pool.
I hate wet hair when it's not hot enough
outside to dry it in an instant.

Here is Blaire getting some loving from her cousin.

I love the maniacal look on Christopher's face.
He loves torturing this one.
She loves it too.

I think this little guy was our favorite part of the whole day.
Duane's burgers came in a close second,
but man o man was this kid fun!

He's fearless.

And his favorite part of kindergarten was

"Secret invisible memo that only Chris can see"

Dear Christopher,
This one is the keeper.
Love, Stephanie


  1. Oh boy that water looks nice and refreshing. And how fun is that, to have your cousin play around and have fun with you. I remember being your girls' age and acting like I didn't like being teased by my uncles but really it was where all the fun happened. Now I'm the one who pesters the nieces and nephews. :-)

  2. hahha Tiff, you sound like loads of fun! Are you from Downers Grove? I lived in Cary, IL for a while and I used to have a friend who grew up in Downers Grove.

  3. :) Well I like to think I'm loads of fun. Both my husband and I are total goof balls. We seriously are the ones who get all the kids wound up and make lots of noise.
    We're not from Downers Grove but that's where we live right now. Both my husband and I are from UT. We moved out here to IL in 2006 so the hubby could go to medical school. Downers Grove really is a neat place to live. It's such a fun and beautiful town.

  4. Thanks for the great afternoon! The pictures are cute! We had a wonderful time...hope to see y'all soon!!

    Tammy :-)

  5. Cool! I bet the girls enjoyed seeing Chris!

  6. Ya'll can come on down anytime you want!


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