Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Mall

Doesn't this look like fun.

When I was younger I used to love going to the mall.
I could spend all day at the mall.
Then I worked at a mall.
For years and years I worked at the mall.
And my feelings about the mall changed.

Since we're getting married
we figured it would be a good idea for us all
to have some shiny, new clothes to wear.

So off to the mall we went.

First stop: Food Court.

No, we didn't eat ice cream for lunch.
We had Quiznos sandwiches.
But this was my view while we ate and it looked yummy!

This carousel was also in the food court.

When I was growing up I used to love to
go to the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz
and ride the Zebras on the carousel there.

Sure wish I was there right now instead of the mall.

Moving on to the serious business of wedding clothes.

We are planning on getting married in the woods near a creek,
officiated by a hillbilly minister in overalls.
That means fancy schmancy clothes are out.

We're going for a casual look.
The "Hurry up and marry us so we can get to Dollywood" look.

Bri fell in love with this shirt.

Blaire and I thought it was ugly.
And we told her :)

And Blaire loved this dress.

But, I had already told them no zebras,
so I got to veto this one :)

My stephdaughters are sooo cool!

And look...there is that ugly shirt again.
That's a big piece of white lace on the back of it.
I called it her grandma shirt.

I do have to admit that the girl has an ability to pick out
clothes that are not so cute on the hanger,
but when she puts them on they look really really cute.

But with this one,
even though it looked cute on,
she isn't the one that's going
to have to look at that lace on the back.

And they do whatever I tell them.

No matter how silly it is.

I can't help but think of my Mom
every time I tell them to do something
that they think is embarrassing.

The girls are awesome though and always comply
with whatever crazy idea I have.


I thought this purse was cute!

Blaire said it would be cute if my name was Annie.

And I was an orphan.

I didn't get the purse.


Who would think to pose mannequins like that?

At this point I HAD to get out of the mall.

We came, we shopped,
we conquered.

And my feet hurt.

So back in the car for the glorious ride back to my sanity.

I've never been so happy to see this sign.


  1. lol you crack me up, i love reading your blog!

  2. HA HA! That is so funny! Glad all of you have outfits.

  3. I hate malls, too. And we don't even have one here. I must say those hats looked absolutely smashing! You could have gotten them and changed the wedding venue to Kentucky and had a Derby theme.

  4. lol, thanks girls :) I'm glad we have outfits too!

    Too funny about moving the wedding to Kentucky and having a derby theme!! I can always count on my sister :)

  5. I love reading your blogs also. This one's really cute, I felt like I was there with you!

  6. Hillbilly Weddings huh? I am a local wedding planner and owner of Ever After Events in Gatlinburg, Tn please visit my websit for all your wedding planning questions and needs!

    Thanks & Best Wishes!!

  7. The wedding is going to be just my Fiance and his 2 daughters so all we really need is a minister :) We've been googling up a storm and I think we've got it all under control, but thanks for the link to your website!

  8. embarassing huh? when i made you and liz stand in front of the giant artichoke in castroville so i could take your photo? good thing the bees stopped you from buying that purse! i love how you spell stephdaughters! M

  9. So I have LOVED your Mom for years and years and have always thought that I would love you and Liz! It is official, I really think I was suppose to be born into your family! Like maybe I should have been Kris's sister so I would be your crazy auntie!!!! I have hillbilly preachers in my family that live in Kentucky and TN, I can probably hook you up!!!!!!

  10. OMG Cole are you serious? Because the hillbilly guy we found doesn't do weddings next to the creek anymore...something about having to get a permit because it's in a state park. :(

  11. lol, yes mom...the artichoke comes to mind :)

  12. that was by far the cutest purse i've ever seen!!


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