Saturday, January 16, 2010


I have no pictures, because we ate it up too fast. But, what I want to share is not the bacon that I cooked this morning, but rather the way that I cooked it.

I have found, thanks to Pastor Ryan, over at This is Reverb, the best way to cook bacon. Ever. No mess. What could be better?

So go pay him a visit. You won't regret it. Your hips might though :)


  1. oh how I miss bacon.....going veggie, no more bacon for me! LOVE the smell of it cooking!

    Interesting way to cook it...I followed the link over!

    Happy Sunday Steph!

  2. OOoohh I would miss bacon too! Way to go on the veggie thing! How is the juicer working for you? I think I may need to get me one :)) And a garden! Happy Tuesday Zizi :)


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