Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy 13th Birthday Blaire!

I remember the first day I arrived in Louisiana and this tiny little thing came out to my car, excited to meet me. She was 8 years old and even though she was so small...she had a huge presence. She hasn't changed one bit, except now she's almost as tall as me. ALMOST.

She's fun and goofy. She never tells me no when I tell her to do something silly. She loves life. And people. And gymnastics. She would play board games every day if you let her. And she loves to cook!!

When she concentrates, she sticks out her tongue. Just like her dad.

She went to her first school dance when she was 11. Bri curled her hair for her and she looked like a doll. Her hair was back to being straight in just a few minutes. But she still looked like a doll. I can't believe that was 2 years ago already.

This summer she had a HUGE growth spurt. It's almost like seeing a whole different person. ALMOST.

I say almost because her personality hasn't changed one bit! She's still a goofball. Still walks through the house on her hands with her feet up in the air. Dances by herself in the kitchen. She's forever making funny noises and always forgets to set the timer on her TV when she is falling asleep. And lets her sister make hilarious videos of her when she's had too much sugar.

She's growing up, but I don't think she'll ever stop doing silly things that kids do. And I don't think she'll ever be so old that she won't write her name with chalk on the driveway.

Even now that she's 13.

Happy Birthday Baby Girl :) Now hurry home so you can bake your birthday cake :)~


  1. awwwww she is so pretty!! I miss yall!

  2. what a lovely family you have my dear.

  3. She sounds like one special girl!! She's also lucky to have you.
    Love Auntie Janet


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