Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dr. Doolittle Part Two

So yesterday, the day after I posted Dr. Doolittle, we were getting ready to leave work and Gretchen noticed this cute little tree frog in her window sill. He must have been sleeping there all day long. And Gretchen isn't Dr. Doolittle and was very appreciative that the little frog didn't go jumping on her desk during the day!

One of the guys stuck him in a jar and I took him home with me. I was hoping that him and my other frog could be friends.

I stuck the jar in the Agapanthus and waited for him to come out. And waited and waited. And waited some more.

I got tired of waiting and went inside. Once it got dark I went back outside to check out the situation and the frog had finally came out of his jar!

And was up in the window with my other frog!! He's got such long legs. And he's really skinny compared to frog #1.

Please excuse my dirty windows... I've had a frog climbing all over them for the past 2 months :)

Then a Praying Mantis showed up! At first I was scared that he was going to eat my frogs or the frogs would eat the Praying Mantis. Then I changed my mind, because seriously, how would those little frogs eat that big ol bug. And how would that skinny little bug eat those round little frogs? Wasn't going to happen.

Isn't he cute!! I think he's happy that I brought him home. Look how he poses for me!

He's a lot greener than the the first frog. And I was told that he's the kind of tree frog that makes noise when it rains. I sprayed him with water hoping he think it was raining, but he didn't. So he's cute AND smart! And I hope he sticks around for a while :)


  1. LMBO I can totally see you out there w a spray bottle lol lol

  2. How cute! It's a Berfrog! He looks alot cutier on your flowers versus my window sill. He looks happy:)

  3. hahahaa Kristen. It was kinda funny, frog was probably like whaaaa?

    lol @ Berfrog Gretchen! Today I found him hanging out on Duane's golf umbrella when I got home, so I took the umbrella and put it inside the cabinets and made him jump off and he crawled right up into the little tree house that I had bought the first frog (which he never liked). At least I have a tree frog that appreciates my efforts now LOL


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