Sunday, August 2, 2009


Our swimming pool is dying a slow, painful death. Painful to me anyway. Last weekend I spent the morning vacuuming out the bottom of the pool. Then we noticed that the ring was deflating, right after Duane had inflated it. I could deal with a floppy ring if I had to. As long as the water stayed in the pool.

After spending all that time vacuuming it last weekend, we forgot to put the algecide in it. So, this weekend I got in again and vacuumed. Then I went around the whole ring, twice, with a cup that I used to pour water on it trying to find the hole. I never found it. But still, I can live with a floppy ring. As long as the water stays in it.

And then I woke up this morning. And the water has decided not to stay in it. It is slowly draining and we have no idea where it is coming from. Duane mowed the grass yesterday, so maybe something flew out from under the tractor and punctured it. But wouldn't we be able to tell where? Or maybe it has a hole on the bottom. Or split a seam underneath. Or MAYBE Duane punctured it with his mower and should go get me a hamster. The hamster he thought I would forget about if he bought me a pool.

I love you swimming pool.

This little girl has been hanging out on the agapanthus for the past couple weeks. I was so excited when I found her because, not only did I think that I possibly could have seen her being conceived, but also because when I posted my blog about lizards so long ago, I had done some research on the Green Anole lizards. I learned that when the momma lizard lays her eggs she just leaves them and when the babies are born they must fend for themselves. And they're lucky if they make it. For two weeks I went out to the agapanthus and would look for her hiding among the leaves. And that wasn't easy!

She was tiny! About the size of my finger, including her tail. In the beginning she would lay among the leaves, but she recently started hanging out on the withered blossom. It was an adorable site to see her hanging onto the stem that used to have the flower on it. She would wrap both hands around it and clasp her little fingers together.

And she would sleep that way too. I would see her like that at night and wake up in the morning and she would be in the same exact position. Her little legs laid out flat behind her.

Saturday morning I found her dead. I guess she wasn't one of the lucky ones. Sad.

I love you little lizard.

And this is Prince. I've blogged about him too. He lived next door. I fed him milkbones every day. And he died on Saturday too. I know he's in a better place now. With someone that won't neglect him.

I love you Prince.


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    But thank you much more for loving Prince! I'm so glad he found a friend in you. I don't understand how people can neglect their pets. There are tears running down my cheeks right now for Prince and others like him.

  2. swimming pool...lizard...prince...lots of loss going on, sweetie. love you more than all the loving you've ever given.


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