Sunday, August 23, 2009

Familymoon Part II - The Vows

We had it all planned out. We were getting married on June 23rd and I had ordered necklaces for the girls and I to wear on our wedding day. They were engraved with the date, so the 23rd it was. We found a hillbilly preacher that was going to perform the ceremony in his overalls and everything was set!

Then, on June 19th we were driving to Superior Grill for my birthday dinner and Duane's cell phone rang. In the time it took for him to decide if he was going to take the call, from a number he didn't recognize, it went to voicemail. And it was a message we did not want to hear! Our hillbilly preacher had to go out of town at the last minute. Leaving on Monday and coming back on Wednesday. Uhh...hello! We were getting married on Tuesday! Had to get married on Tuesday!! Like in 4 days Tuesday!!!

So on Saturday morning we called up the lovely woman who was renting us her cabin during our stay in Tennessee. She put us in touch with someone who put us in touch with Pastor Rob. And he assured us that he could perform our ceremony on Tuesday. Crisis averted.

Pastor Rob had a quaint little gazebo up against a hill on his property. He also had a cute little orange cat named McCain that hung out with us during our ceremony. Pastor Rob informed us that during the Presidential Election someone had dropped off three kittens on his driveway. He named one Obama, one McCain and one Hillary. I would have loved for Obama to have been the one hanging out during our vows, but since he was a black cat I suppose it was better that he didn't. Not that I'm superstitious :)

It was a beautiful day and the surroundings were perfect! Pastor Rob takes really good care of the people that come to him on their special day. And he had this cute little buttercream cake for us. I was so nice and fed Duane his little bit like a good wife. And he smashed that cake on my face. Do all men do that?

Here is our new family! Well, we've always been a family, now it's just legal. And now when I pull into the driveway and see the "Bauer" sign hanging over the carport, I know it's my home :)

Oh...and I got my revenge.

Happy 2 month anniversary to us :)


  1. I love love love the photos!!! Congrats on your 2 month anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Bauer!

  2. ahhhhhhh...sweet story.


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